Are you a fanatic athlete and is sport your passion? Is only the best care good enough for you? Then Innofeet could offer you suitable specific sport care.


The sport podiatrists working for us are all specialised in their own sport area, such as: soccer, indoor sport, running and bicycle racing. These sport podiatrists have done an additional education on top of their bachelor’s degree. To provide the best care we have developed a special package. In this package we take a closer look at your sport complaints. During exercising a lot of joints are used, which is why we pay special attention to the kinetic chain. This means that for knee complaints we not only check the feet, but also examine the hip and back.


Additionally, we could make use of high tech assistance:

  • High speed camera recordings (possibly in combination with a tracking system)
  • Pressure measurement systems
  • Insole pressure measurement systems
  • Ultrasounds


Your podiatrist will draw up a treatment plan (together with you) to make sure you will get to the desired sport level (again) in a responsible way. If necessary we will work together with a sport physiotherapist and sport physician in our growing network. For this highly specialised care Innofeet charges a special sport price.