Sport: general information

Many sport injuries start at the feet and as podiatrists we help many (famous) athletes to stay on their feet. Every athlete has his own sport injury or health problems. That is the reason the podiatrist of Innofeet checks which treatment would be most fitting for you specifically, while also keeping in mind the rest of your body. Through an interview and physical examination we map out the risk factors which could influence your complaints.


For complex complaints or enthusiastic amateur athletes we also have the possibility to do an extensive movement analysis (sport specific information). Through the use of high-speed cameras we can precisely trace your movements during cycling or while walking on a treadmill. Optionally, we can do an (insole) pressure measurement. Your footwear will also be assessed. Depending on your complaints the podiatrist will use a few treatment options:


  • (Sport) therapeutic soles. Tailored by means of a 3D-scan technique
  • (Sport) shoe advice and/or adjustments to your shoes
  • Mobilisation, a technique to let your joints move flexibly again
  • Advice for training and exercises (in cooperation with your sport podiatrist and/or sport physician
  • Diagnostic support via an ultrasound
  • Taping
  • Orthosis