Would you be able to prevent injuries during your favourite sport? If your answer is no, then we might be able to help. A large amount of athletes, sooner or later, gets injured during the practice of his/her sport. For example: overburdened muscles, Achilles’ tendon complaints, ankle complaints, shin complaints or knee complaints. We would love to help you find the cause of the injury to then solve or lessen the problem, or even prevent an injury from happening.


Sport podiatry

The very first official sport podiatrists of the Netherlands you can find at our practice. The post-baccalaureate ‘sport podiatry’ (a follow-up education of the regular bachelor program) started in the Netherlands in 2009 and our podiatrists were in that first class of 2009. To get a good picture on a certain injury it is necessary to have knowledge on movements which are used during sports. When we compare different sports such as: tennis, soccer, bicycle racing, ice-skating and running we can see that they all have a unique way of moving. Every sport has its own type of burden and asks for a different examination. Furthermore, the ground, footwear and other external factors play an important role. Our podiatrists have knowledge on different sports, the body, sport injuries and adjust the treatment according to the individual. A foot can’t move on its own and is always part of a so-called ‘movement chain or kinetic chain’. If feet can’t move optimally the knee, hip and back could be burdened. Moreover, improving these deviating movements could also help to prevent injuries or improve performances.