Can you not take care of your feet properly (anymore)? The pedicures at Innofeet would love to help you. Sometimes a specialist, such as a diabetes nurse, could recommend a pedicure to you. In this case a health insurance company could reimburse the treatment.


Is a pedicure something you could consider?
Your feet carry the entire weight of your body. When feet hurt, most people change their posture. Because of the weight this could lead to back or neck complaints. Therefore, everyone could need the care of a pedicure. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, male, female, if you sit a lot or walk a lot or stand up a lot.


What does a pedicure do?
The tasks a pedicure does are: taking care of nails, such as cutting the nails or milling them. Moreover, ingrown nails could be treated and there is the possibility to treat nail fungus with an innovative laser method. Callus and corns could be removed by the pedicure and feet will be screened for possible risks. Furthermore, a pedicure could give advice on how to take care of the feet. Working together (well) with our podiatrists is a vital part of the treatment. Together we can provide your feet with the best care possible.

A regular pedicure or a pedicure for rheumatism or diabetes

Do you have complicated foot or nail problems, such as: an old or neglected foot? In that case one of our specialised pedicures could help you. This means the pedicure has a broader education (such as: more knowledge on diabetic and/or rheumatic feet). Moreover, the specialised pedicure could help you even better with nail repairmen, anti-pressure and a better position of your toes (orthotics). All our pedicures are registered at the branch organisation ProVoet. Read here what this means.


Do you have a foot or nail problem? Check what you can do about this via our complaint index.