A key aspect of treating symptoms of diabetes is specialists, each having their own expertise, working together. Therefore, the diabetes podiatrists of Innofeet work together with the Isala Clinics in Zwolle, the Bethesda hospital in Hoogeveen and many others. We work together with: internists, vascular surgeons, rehabilitation doctors, nephrologists (for kidney disease), orthopaedic doctors (also place plaster casts), orthopaedic shoemakers and wound nurses.


Diabetes podiatrist and other specialists  
The diabetes podiatrist works together in a team of caregivers and asks for help when necessary. Next to your general practitioner or internist the podiatrist always stay available for contact. Through good and direct contact between the podiatrist and other specialists we often prevent symptoms of diabetes and the corresponding problems to get out of hand (such as an amputation).


Working together in Suriname

In Suriname diabetes is a serious growing problem. At least 15% of the population in Suriname has diabetes and the complications they have are more severe than in the Netherlands. The diabetic foot is a common problem (daily victims) and many patients pass away because of relatively simple foot wounds. The foundation SDES works together with Suriname to help improve the diabetes care. In 2013 we set up a diabetes foot outpatient clinic where people can come for professional help. By sharing our knowledge with this foundation via education and support we can lift foot care to a higher level and create better prospects. We keep in touch with Suriname on a daily basis to help them further along.