Diabetes mellitus (also diabetes) is a chronic metabolic disease. The body cannot regulate the blood sugar level within the normal limits anymore. If you have diabetes there is a bigger chance of getting foot complaints. On average one in four diabetes patients get foot complaints. It is, therefore, very important to (at least) once a year get a check-up by a professional, even if you don’t have any complaints yet. During the examination the functioning of the nerves, blood vessels and joints are tested. During the examination we check to see what your risks are of developing foot problems. The reimbursement depends on your care profile. The care profile needs to be determined by a general practitioner or a nurse practitioner. If certain risk factors are involved the exanimation will be done by a (diabetes) podiatrist. For more information on care profiles and reimbursements click here.


Diabetes podotherapy

The specialty diabetes podiatry hasn’t existed for very long (2010); at our practice you will find the first diabetes podiatrists of the Netherlands who have knowledge and experience in this area. The diabetes podiatrist knows all the symptoms of diabetes mellitus and is familiar with the risks and dangers that could affect your feet. Our diabetes podiatrists work at the diabetes outpatient clinics in hospitals and have contact with different specialists such as: internists, vascular surgeons, wound outpatient clinics, dialysis outpatient clinics, diabetes nurses, paediatricians and dermatologists. This leads to the best care for your feet.