When your child frequently stumbles or falls (sprains), doesn’t like to walk, has fatigue pain or complaints about painful joints, then you can go to one of our podiatrists. All these complaints could derive from a deviating positioning of the feet and/or walking pattern of your child. Moreover, for inwardly growing/sagging feet, deviating toe positions or nail problems you can also visit our practice.


Adjusting on time can prevent problems
Young feet change continually; many complaints adults have derive from their childhood. Special attention for children’s feet could prevent problems. Does your child walk differently all of sudden or do you recognise one of the above mentioned problems? Then visit one of our practices; children don’t always tell when they are in pain. Professional help at a young age can reduce the chances of having problems at a later age. Our podiatrists have a lot of experience with foot- and movement complaints with children.


Children and sport

Children who (over)burden their body, during a sport for example, could get injuries which could be treated/prevented at a podiatrist. If you child complains during or after exercising, for example: heel complaints, then you could also visit a podiatrist at one of our practices.