The amount of older feet increases worldwide every year. Around the retirement age, 50% of the population in the Netherlands experiences at least one foot problem. The focus around the aging foot is definitely valid when we keep in mind that the average person walks around the world four times (185.000km) in his entire life. The aging foot has different specific characteristics:


  • Because of change in structures, such as: capsules and bands it could form a deviating mobility. This could lead to complaints.
  • Stiffening of the joints through wear and tear
  • Skin changes such as: dryness, desquamation, discolouring and the production of callous and corns
  • Decreasing of the fat cushion, which is noticeable under the front of the foot
  • Problems with arteries, decreased circulation, cold or warm feet, oedema, varicose veins, wound that don’t heal properly
  • Slowed nail growth, discolouring and thicker nails
  • Higher risk of rheumatism, diabetes and arthritis
  • Decreased senses, a decreased coordination because of reduced working of the nerves.

The chances of falling down increase as well