Feet deserve the best. That is the reason we work together with specialists such as: physiotherapists, manual therapists, pedicures, different specialists from hospitals and orthopaedic shoemakers. Working together ensures we can give your feet the best quality we can give (integrated care). For this reason you can oftentimes find our locations in a healthcare centre.


Actively working together with all fields in care means we think in a broader perspective. Especially knowledge of other (treatment) possibilities helps to improve our foot care. This is how we can help people with foot complaints even better: a step ahead in podiatry so to speak. A good example is an Achilles’ tendon injury. In 90% of all cases we work together with a physiotherapist during a rehabilitation trajectory which increases the chances of recovery. Through multidisciplinary collaboration it is possible to come to an integral method and better results. Working together is an important part of improving the quality of our care.

Are you a specialist and do you need our help? Feel free to contact us.