Jurgen Nijenhuis started his practice in 2000 in Dalfsen, under the name Voetencentrum Nijenhuis. His twin brother, Jeroen Nijenhuis, also rounded off his training in podiatry around that time and entered the practice as a co-owner. The quality and great foot care quickly made the organisation known. Therefore, general practitioners in the villages in the surrounding area wanted the brothers to give a consultation hour. Thus, arose practices in Heino, Lemelerveld, Kampen, Wapenveld and Nieuwleusen.


In the years that followed, the organisation grew in knowledge, skills and expertise. Thanks to its own research and various specialties, the quality of the foot care increased. Over the years Voetencentrum Nijenhuis grew into a professional and trustworthy organisation where personal attention for every patient is one of the most important things.


Throughout the years we frequently heard the complaint that the term ‘Voetencentrum’ was used by multiple organisations and this often caused confusion. Since we find it important to listen to our patients, and all the developments in recent years, it was time to rename our practice which would create an appropriate business image, in December 2014.


To this day Innofeet builds their company modestly, but powerfully, to increase knowledge and growth. This ensures that the foot care we deliver keeps on improving and that you can be sure the quality of our care is good. Meanwhile, you can find our practices at over 40 locations and a team of over 35 people works daily to provide the best foot care. If you’re curious to know who works for Innofeet, you can take a look at our team.