Investing in our people is self-evident to us and part of our vision. We learn continuously, both internally and externally. The people of Innofeet meet regularly to discuss various subject-matters. In these meetings the expertise of our people will be increased and the quality of our foot care will be improved as well. Evaluation of our own work is central in this. We also attach great value to scientific research and systematic substantiation and are very active in this.


Sharing knowledge
On several aspects and levels Innofeet applies sharing of knowledge to bring foot care to a higher level. We give lectures, readings and presentations at schools, health centres and hospitals. The topics are varied and the presentations are uniquely made. Would you like to apply for a reading or presentation or do you wish more information about this subject, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Moreover, we are also active abroad in this field. We give training and advice in Suriname in the field of diabetes. We are in contact with them daily, to improve foot care. Read more about our diabetes care in Suriname here.


Foot academy
Sharing and improving knowledge and expertise is done within the foot academy. Via this platform we stimulate sharing of knowledge to lift out foot care to the highest level possible. If you’re a practitioner and interested in our foot academy, don’t hesitate to contact us.